Everyone knows what Botox® is and does, but what you might not know is why we do it the best at Loftus Total Skin Care:

  • We individualize your treatment: Everyone has different anatomy, different concerns, different goals, and different budgets. Unlike most practices which take a “one size fits all” approach to Botox, we determine the minimal number of units of Botox that you need for the maximal benefit. Then we place it strategically to give you the maximal improvement.
  • We get to know you: As we continue to treat you, we learn how you respond to our treatments, and we modify your plan accordingly; always aiming to give you the best result possible with the fewest units of Botox possible. And, as Dr. Loftus likes to say “If you want surgery, see a surgeon, but if you want an injection, see a nurse. “ The reason she says this is because, compared to physicians, nurses take the time to get to know you, to treat you, and to optimize your care and your results. Surgeons, by comparison, never spend as much time truly getting to know their Botox patients, so they may not deliver as individualized treatment as a nurse will deliver.
  • Unparalleled physician supervision: At Loftus Total Skin Care, our clinicians are closely supervised by Dr. Loftus, herself who ensures the highest quality of care and the best customer satisfaction. If you are still unsure about us, just see what our patents say:
  • We listen: Many people have stories of having received too much or too little Botox at other practices, or of looking unnatural. We listen to your concerns and we adapt our plan so that we do not repeat the mistakes of other clinicians.
  • We know that you don’t want to look unnatural: We find it odd that so many practices deliver Botox in such a way as to intentionally cause an unnatural or “frozen” look, or that they place the Botox in such a way as to cause (for example) a sinister look in the forehead or droopy eyebrows. Our clinicians are skilled in knowing how to avoid these very appearances.
  • We have the experience: We have our Botox administered by the most skilled and experienced nurses. Our nurses have administered more Botox than most plastic surgeons across the country.

Commonly Treated Areas with Botox

Before After
Before After
Scowl Lines (Between the eyebrows)
Crow’s Feet
Forehead Lines
Upper Lip Lines

The LTSC Experience

Our Botox injectors are among the most experienced in the country! Your appointment involves only brief, minor discomfort, so you will not require numbing, but, if you prefer, we are happy to apply topical numbing cream so that you feel nothing. The process is completed in just a couple steps. First, your Clinician cleanses your skin and reviews your goals with you. She may ask you to make facial expressions to see precisely where your top concerns are located. Then, using a very fine needle, your Clinician makes a series of quick injections, which typically feel like a small pinch and you can plan to return to most of your normal activities immediately afterward.

Anticipated Recovery & Results

After your treatment, you can get back to your day as soon as you’d like, although you may experience some minor injection site reactions such as bruising, tenderness, or itching. These reactions are all normal and usually last no more than a day or so and can be easily covered with make-up. Keep in mind that it does take some time for Botox results maximize — typically about 3-7 days – but they can last between three and six months.