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Loftus Total Skin Care believes strongly in providing the best skin care products to our patients to help support and enhance each individual’s skin.  Healthy, glowing skin is the foundation to every service we provide and is every person’s greatest accessory.

Loftus Total Skin Care carries products from several premier suppliers including ZO Medical and ZO Skin Health, Skin Medica, and Skinceuticals. We consistently review our product offering to make certain it includes all the products needed to provide comprehensive solutions to meet every skin care need.

For your convenience, you can place an order for products in four different ways:

    1. You can call us at  859-426-5100 and place an order by phone.


    1. You can contact us by email to place an order for your favorite product.
      We’ll contact you for your payment information.

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    1. You can pick up your products at your next appointment or in the office anytime.


  1. Place an order for ZO products using the link below:

 Click here to buy ZO Skin Health